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Become an Associate and Get Ready to Change Lives

  • Sell our services on your schedule
  • Set your own objectives and benchmarks
  • Be your own boss

    SLG is your Business Opportunity

    Your success with Spanish Legal Group depends entirely on you. You decide what business opportunities to take and when you would like to offer them. The more services you sell and the more lawyers you recruit, the more success you will have with Spanish Legal Group. Stay focused on your area of legal expertise, or establish a team with a wide variety of legal practices to reach as many different clients as possible. There are three simple steps to create, maintain and grow your business opportunities with Spanish Legal Group:

    • Start by personally selling our membership services to clients. You will get a percentage of each membership you sell for Spanish Legal Group.
    • Hire a team to help you sell more legal memberships to individuals, families and small businesses. You can even earn a bonus for each membership sold by an associate.
    • Earn residual income from affiliations and associates that last. You can earn additional compensation for affiliations that last and the relationships you build with customers.
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    Increase Your Revenues While Increasing Your Impact

    The more you sell and expand your scope under the Spanish Legal Group, the more you can earn as part of our network. The benefits of being an associate may include the following:

    • 1Compensation for each membership sold
    • 2Commission for each membership sold by a team member
    • 3Residual commission for long-term relationships
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    Meet the Team Behind Spanish Legal Group

    Interested in learning more about SLG and its innovative leadership? Spanish Legal Group prides itself on its openness and transparency in its prepaid plans, its staff and its operation. To learn more about our firm and how we can help you with your legal needs, click on the link below.

    Get to Know Us
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