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Legal Solutions for Arms Ownership.

We Protect Gun Owners

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution allows most people to own a firearm. However, gun ownership carries with it many potential liabilities. If you have encountered a legal problem with your firearm, our office can help.

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The Legal Assistance You Need

People own guns for many reasons; many use them for hunting, sport, or self-defense. Gun purchases have increased significantly in the last year, but not all gun owners recognize the potential legal liabilities that can come with the purchase of a firearm. Depending on the circumstances of where, when and why a firearm is fired, a gun owner could find themselves in serious civil or criminal trouble. Even in legitimate cases of self-defense, a gun owner may be subject to investigation by law enforcement. The Spanish Legal Group can provide experienced legal representation in your gun rights case.

  • Firing a weapon in self-defense can lead to interrogations and other investigations by law enforcement. Our attorneys will protect and defend your rights so that law enforcement does not overreach.
  • Accidental discharge of a firearm during hunting or sport can result in serious physical injury or property damage. We can answer all your legal questions and protect your interests.
  • In any firearms-related incident that comes before the courts, our experienced trial lawyers will zealously defend your rights.
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A network of Attorneys Advocating for Gun Owners' Rights

Our extensive network of attorneys experienced in handling gun possession cases means that, for a low monthly fee, you will be matched with the perfect Spanish-speaking attorney for your case.

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